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Dan Krawczyk PhD



Dan Krawczyk grew up on Grand Island, NY just up river from Niagara Falls.  Raised in a family of teachers, he had an early interest in research and education. While attending Fredonia State University in New York, he developed a love of scientific inquiry embracing psychology, biology, and neuroscience. He attended UCLA earning his Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience, a cutting-edge area of experimental psychology. Dan continued his research career at the University of California, Berkeley working on  functional brain imaging in the lab of Mark D’Esposito. There he studied how the human brain manages information in working memory and responds to incentives in the form of financial gains and losses.

He is currently a Professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and holds the Francis Chair at The University of Texas at Dallas. He is the acting Deputy Director of the Center for BrainHealth®. He is also Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dan's research has focused on understanding reasoning through a multi-disciplinary approach that combines brain imaging, cognitive psychology, and brain stimulation.  His work has focused on reasoning by analogy, decision framing, and cognitive improvement.

Dan began writing books alongside peer-reviewed scientific articles. In 2017 he authored the book Reasoning: The Neuroscience of How We Think, a comprehensive 13 chapter guide to reasoning reflecting an intensively multi-disciplinary perspective on the topic with evidence from neuroscience, psychology, development, biology, and technology. In 2019 he co-authored the book Understanding Behavioral BIA$: A Guide to Improving Financial Decision Making with hedge fund manager George Baxter.


He continues to share his passion for scientific inquiry with larger audiences through speaking, writing, and science. His current interests include finance, art, health, medicine, and human expert performance. He co-hosted the Mental Model$ Podcast in 2018-21 and currently co-hosts Brainhealth Office Hours


Understanding Behavioral BIA$

A Guide To Improving Financial Decision-Making

By Daniel Krawczyk, Ph.D. & George Baxter, JD, CFA 

Your one-stop solution to understanding and addressing biased thinking in your money management. 

In this book we describe the biases most relevant to investing, include background on how biases develop, and offer practical strategies to help you to improve your performance. We offer you a guide to categorizing biases based on cutting-edge brain science. This will enable you to implement best practices that guard against whole sets of biases. We emphasize the practical implications of financial decision-making and provide a scientific basis for adjusting investing practices in to avoid common cognitive traps.

Conquer your biases, make better decisions.

I read every word...wish I had done so earlier in life. Practical, helpful, and unique.

Praise for Understanding Behavioral BIA$ - Steve White, Executive Director, Brain Performance Institute

“Go get the book Understanding Behavioral BIA$! It will open up your eyes about yourself. As I have often said before you can get your money right, you need to get your mind right. Understanding Behavioral Bia$ will help you understand your... biases that may be inhibiting your investment performance. This is an excellent book which I think can help you.

Praise for Understanding Behavioral BIA$ - Ron DeLegge, Investing expert, author, and host of the Index Investing Show


Understanding Behavioral BIA$ Goes to Harvard

Harvard Business School Case Studies has selected our book to feature along with their world class educational content in partnership with our publisher Business Expert Press



The Neuroscience of How We Think

  • A comprehensive guide to the core topics related to a thorough understanding of reasoning.

  • Cutting-edge knowledge of the subject in a unified, complete manner, ranging from animal studies, to applied situations.

  • The ONLY book available that presents a sustained focus on the neurobiological processes behind reasoning throughout all chapters, while also synthesizing research from animal behavior, cognitive psychology, development, and philosophy for a truly multidisciplinary approach.

  • Provides a historical perspective, state-of-the-art research methods, and future directions in emerging technology and cognitive enhancement. 

  • Offers a coherent and structured narrative appropriate for students in need of an introduction to the topic of reasoning.

  • Presents well-rounded foundational content.


Humorous and knowledgeable, Krawczyk has a wonderful ability to communicate both the study and function of higher level processing in the human brain. Highly recommend!

-Dr. Michelle McClelland
Northwest Permanente


Dr. Dan Krawczyk has spoken on a variety of topics about the brain at numerous universities, scientific venues, national and international conferences, museums, galleries, finance meetings, and for private audiences.

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